Key Relaxation Therapeutic Massage

"Where Massage is Key to Your Wellness."

Key Relaxation specializes in Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage; the heart of our company. Mobile in Youngstown, OH (and the Mahoning Valley/Trumbull County), we prioritize wellness, stress-relief, and client education. Don’t wait until you ache! 


Our Individual Massage Services

Akeera M. Kelley providing massage to the scalp and shoulder.

The "TDT" Massage targets the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues. It is slow and firm, treats musculoskeletal imbalances, and has greater therapeutic intent. If you're booking for a specific ache or discomfort, this session may be for you.

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Akeera M. Kelley providing massage therapy to the foot.

Relaxation (or Swedish) Massage provides a gentle, rhythmic massage that is suitable for just about anyone. This modality aims to pamper and soothe the body and mind; it also improves circulation, decreases edema/lymphedema, and helps support digestive processes. 

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In today's world, it's common to use a phone, tablet, or computer for work purposes. Before, we have always been a country to value working on your feet. Are you familiar with possible issues that can arise because of our work habits? This session focuses on the Head, Hands, and Feet to relieve symptoms and side effects of overuse or work-injury.

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Our "Massage Chair" we use to provide Chair Massage.

Food, photo-booths, and line dances are present at many parties. Chair Massage can be a wonderful addition, too. Let the LMT know a little about your event; we may be able to enhance and/or specialize our time with you! You won’t regret topping off the event with a few minutes of relaxation! 

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CBD oil, infused with massage oil, in preparation for the CBD Me Please Massage Session.

CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil comes from the non-psychoactive component of the Cannabis plant; it has been used in recent years for many purposes in the medical industry. Paired with our TDT skills, we welcome you to our “CBD Me, Please” Massage. Speak with our LMT for more information on CBD and it's implications.

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Extreme relaxation; a side effect of our Bespoken Stress Buster Session!

Our LMT+ Session isn't just massage; it utilizes several massage tools (and techniques) to achieve ultimate relief and ROM for our clientele. With this massage, dissolving stress and initiating restoration is the goal.

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A basketball player going for the shot; an athlete primed for Sports Massage.

Many athletes partake in treatments and techniques to relieve body tension and enhance performance. Sports Massage does both, and more! Pre-Event, Intra-Event, and Post-Event Massage are all under the Sports umbrella and each have their place for an athlete. There’s nothing better than having your muscles and psyche prepped, centered, and ready for your game or event. Give it a try! 

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A woman suffering from menstrual cramps. We offer the Pamper Me, Period Massage Session tailored for this issue.

Many women of today and yesterday have painful periods, along with PMS symptoms. We’ve developed the “Pamper Me, PERIOD!” Massage to help relieve several of those discomforts and to aid you in one of your most sacred cycles. Feel it for yourself! 

*This service is TBA.

For those who'd like to buy and book several sessions in advance, check out our Massage Packages  

Why Choose Us?

Key Relaxation is here to bring Massage and Wellness to Youngstown proper and its citizens. We value health, education, and community, and strive to exemplify all the above in our business practices and policies. The vision we have for our business starts with Massage Therapy, but extends much further. Our company will eventually encompass Mind and Body and as such, our Massage Sessions are all customized to fit you and your specific needs! Until we expand, we offer the following:

Akeera M. Kelley securing the comfort of her client before the massage session.

Let's Talk.

Set up your first appointment with us to consult, assess, and plan for your massage journey. We want to offer the best massotherapy experience possible for our clientele.

We’ll spend some time discussing your goals, expectations, and interest with our business. Our forms are simple yet thorough. Afterwards, we’ll conduct your first assessment and massage. We will serve your needs to the best of our abilities!


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